Studio Nathan Coley


'The Void and Temporality on Knowledge, Kindliness and Courage'
By Caitlin Chaisson
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'We Must Cultivate Our Garden' Nathan Coley
by Michael Despotovic
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Nathan Coley - 'Knowledge, Kindliness and Courage' Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver
by Michael Turner, Canada Art, Nov 2012
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Nathan Coley, CAG, Vancouver. by Robin Laurence,
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Nathan Coley: Knowledge, Kindliness and Courage, by Meredith Carr, decoymagazine, Canada, Dec 12th 2012
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'Nathan Coley - Haunch of Venison' by Milena Tomic, Art in America, 13th Nov, 2012
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'Nathan Coley - Kosovo Sculpture Beacon'
Charlotte Higgins, The Guardian, Sept 23rd 2012
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‘The Ballast Project’. Hugh Pearman,
RIBA Magazine, Feb 2012
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‘Jupiter Artland’, Hugh Pearman,
Sunday Times, 1 May 2011
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‘Jupiter Artland’, Richard Dorment,
The Telegraph, 17 Aug 2010
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‘Out of This World’ Duncan MacMillan,
The Scotsman, 18 May 2010

‘Heaven’s Above’ Liza Power, The Age,
Melbourne, 25 Sep 2010

‘Grassroots Initiative’ Moira Jeffrey,
Scotland on Sunday, 9 May 2010

Jupiter Artland, Tim Cornwall,
The Scotsman, 31 Mar 2010


‘Jaywick Sands’, Peter Kelly,
Blueprint Magazine, Jan 2009

‘No One Goes to Jaywick’, Johanna Agerman,
Icon Magazine, Jan 2009


46 Brooklands Gardens, Hugh Pearman,
The Sunday Times, Nov 2008

‘From Coast to Ghost’ 46 Brooklands Gardens, Tony McIntyre,
BDOnline, 21 Nov 2008

Nathan Coley, 46 Brooklands Gardens, Colin Glen,
Art Monthly, Feb 2009

Nathan Coley, De La Warr Pavilion, Richard Cork,
Finacial Times, 29 Aug 2008

‘A Breath of fresh Air../ Folkestone Triennial,
The Daily Telegraph, Sep 2008


Nathan Coley/ doggerfisher, Anna Burnside,
The Sunday Times, 19 Aug 2007

‘A Grisly bear but a great show’ Richard Dorment,
The Daily Telegraph, 23 Oct 2007

Across the Threshold’ doggerfisher Gallery, Susan Mansfield,
The Scotsman, 13 Aug 2007

‘…Want to Move our Space’ Jack Motram,
The Herald, 15 Oct 2007
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‘Coley’s Turn’ Leon McDermott,
Sunday Herald, 14 Oct 2007

‘Turner artist lights up capital skyline’ Barry Didcock,
Sunday Herald, 2007


‘Postcards from the Capital’, Jack Mottram,
The Herald, 19 Dec 2006

‘Shedding Light on the Questions of Faith’ Iain Gale,
Scotland on Sunday, 28 May 2006

‘Sermon on the Mount’, Catriona Black,
Sunday Herald, 21 May 2006


‘Compassion for the Outcast’ Iain Gale,
Scotland on Sunday, 30 Jan 2005

‘Psychosis and the City’ Barry Didcock,
The Sunday Herald, 9 Jan 2005

Nathan Coley, Matt Price,
Flash Art, Jul 2005

Nathan Coley, Haunch of Venison, SG,
Modern Painter, Mar 2005

‘Thinking of the Outside’ Robin Wilson,
Art + Architecture Magazine, Dec 2005


‘A Man With a Mission’ Fruitmarket Gallery, Moira Jeffrey,
The Herald, 21 May 2004

Nathan Coley, Iain Gale,
Scotland on Sunday, 6 Jun 2004

‘An Act of Blind Faith’ Tim Cornwall,
The Scotman, 20 Mar 2004


‘Showhome’ Paul Usherwood,
Art Monthly, Aug 2003

‘Showhome’ Jay Merrick,
The Independent, 10 Jun 2003


Nathan Coley, AA, Nigel Prince,
Untitled, Spring 2001


Private lives on Public View’ Ikon Gallery, Lynn MacRitchie,
Financial Times, 8 Aug 2000

‘Artist battles for Lockerbie witness box’ Juliette Garside,
Sunday Herald, Jun 2000

‘Artist on Trial’ Elizabeth Mahoney,
The Scotsman, 16 May 2000