Studio Nathan Coley

The Square of the Three Powers 2011

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Gold Leaf on Pigment Print
50 x 70 cm

Out on the Platform

Brian Dillon

By placing the cemeteries at the ends of the residential highway axis, funeral processions will not need to cross the urban center. These cemeteries will be landscaped with lawns and suitable trees, the tombs to be smooth and the headstones simple — in the English tradition — the whole to be…

Razzle Dazzle, The Situation Now

Juliana Engberg

The most provocative structure in Nathan Coley’s Appearances is a concrete platform that traverses ACCA’s large gallery, passing into its smaller niche gallery. Occupying the only access between the two galleries, it is a summons to ascend and descend from one philosophical space to another. It…

Nathan Coley interviewed by Charlotte Day

Coley & Day

CD: Black-and-white photographs of architectural structures you took some years back were the starting point for your conception of the new work and installation at ACCA. What took you to Brasília in the first instance, and what impressed you most there? NC: I was in Brazil making a book,…