Studio Nathan Coley

Lockerbie Witness Box (Exhibition Version) 2003

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Rosewood laminates, aluminium, steel, carpet, plywood, electrical components and chair
112 x 166 x 185cm


Tate Britain, London


Natalie Rudd

Research occupies the heart of Nathan Coley’s practice. He undertakes in-depth investigations into particular spaces, buildings and locations, so as to examine the ways in which the built environment embodies often conflicting systems of social value, religious and political belief.


On Being Sane in Insane Places

Judith Nesbitt

The artist Nathan Coley entered a similarly disclosed arena, not a mental hospital but a courtroom. He applied to be admitted to the Lockerbie Trial. The authorities were baffled by his interests in being there with no concrete purpose other than to witness the proceedings as an independent…


Ben Tufnell

More than twenty-five years after the original bombing and almost fifteen years on from the trial, Nathan Coley’s Lockerbie project has lost none of its unnerving power. If anything the work has gained in resonance as terrorism, counter-terrorism and the accompanying spectacle of extended and…

Lockerbie Witness Box

Nathan Coley in conversation with Claire Doherty, 2005

Claire Doherty: I'm looking here at two images - one is a photograph of the witness box at the Lockerbie trial on 'Scottish land' in the Netherlands, the other is a photograph of the replica of the witness box in the galleries of Tate Britain some three years later. It seems to me that it is in the…