Studio Nathan Coley

Iceman 2005

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Painted Plywood
3.2m x 4.8m x 2.7m


St Johns Church, Bristol, England


Other Information

Temporary Sculpture Commissioned by Bristol Legible City for the project 'Thinking of the Outside'. Curated by Claire Doherty

Photo Credit

Jamie Woodley


Morgan Falconer

“But you have to stand on a platform and see it coming or you can’t know the feeling a writer gets, how the number 5 train comes roaring down the rat alleys and slams out of the tunnel, going whop-pop onto the high tracks, and suddenly there it is, Moonman riding the sky in the heart of the…

Interview with Nathan Coley

Claire Doherty

Claire Doherty: You first came to Bristol on a research visit in late 2003. Could you describe how your ideas began to develop from that initial encounter with the city? Nathan Coley: For me it's always a mixture of a lot of things. I think we spent as much time talking as I did looking: with me…