Studio Nathan Coley

Another Lecture 2011

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Single screen video projection
13min durational loop


Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne


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Voice over by Cate Blanchett

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Andrew Curtis


Another Lecture

Juliana Engberg

Ultimately, though, it does not provide much in the way of substance. It is a chimera and a fleeting flim-flam. Like its lineage of portable, demountable sideshows and pan-alley attractions it declares its impermanent spirit. It speaks to the ephemeral and quixotic encounter, which will be…

Another Lecture

Jonathan Horrocks

Recreating a dimly lit lecture theater, Nathan Coley’s Another Lecture (2011) takes the form of a satirical PowerPoint presentation. Recalling lecture-based works produced by the artist in the nineteen-nineties, the work establishes a dialogue between the urban environments of Glasgow and…