Studio Nathan Coley

And We Are Everywhere 2018

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3.5m x 15m x 7m
Temporary sculpture (June 2018 - March 2019)
Timber and plywood frame, second-hand tarpaulins, found roofing material, polythene, nylon cable, cargo netting, tree branches, three timber handmade crosses.


Located on Lund Cathedral’s land in Brunnshög, Near Lund, Sweden.


Photo Credit

Peter Westrup


And We Are Everywhere, 2018

And We Are Everywhere

Jes Fernie

‘And We Are Everywhere’ is an ambitious new artwork by Nathan Coley located on Lund Cathedral’s land in Brunnshög. Sited within a rural landscape, the sculpture addresses fundamental issues at stake in both the Church’s development and 21st century life: the ways in which faith and belief systems…