Studio Nathan Coley

A Place Beyond Belief (Freiburg) 2013

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Illuminated Text, Scaffolding
5m x 5.2m x 5m


Kunstverein Freiburg, Germany


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Also Exhibited at; Haunch of Venison Gallery, London, Sept 2012 National Gallery of Kosovo, Pristina, Nov 2012

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Marc Doradzillo

A Place Beyond Belief


"A young woman sits in a New York subway carriage, a number of days after the terrorist attacks on the twin towers. It is early morning, and the city is grudgingly back at work. Like many of her fellow passengers, she is tired, emotionally fragile, confused and angry – still trying to come to…

A Place Beyond Belief

Tom Hunt

The fifth in Coley’s ongoing series of illuminated text works consists of a brief stanza: A PLACE BEYOND BELIEF Four words stacked on three lines: indefinite article + noun / preposition / noun. The text is not a complete sentence, it has no verb, no punctuation, and it is written entirely in…